Dr. Terry R. Trammell

... is well know among the professional motorsports community. His involvement with racing dates back to the 1973 Indianapolis 500, where he served in an infield 'MASH' like tent while still a medical student. From 1981 until 1996 he was the exclusive provider of orthopaedic care to participants at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway competing in the Indianapolis 500.

From 1984 until 2004 Dr Trammell was an integral part of the Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) Safety / Medical team. He served as the Director of Medical Services from 1987 - 1996 and the Senior Orthopaedic Consultant from 1984 until 2004. He continues to provide orthopaedic spinal consultation to Champ Car on an as needed basis.

Currently Dr Trammell provides at event orthopaedic consultation for the IRL as a substitute for his partner Dr Kevin Scheid who is the series orthopaedic consultant. Dr Trammell is also engaged in research in the area of spinal fracture prevention in an "Indy Car". He is working closely with Dr Henry Bock the Medical Director of the IRL in conjunction with Delphi.

Dr. Trammell also works closely with Dr Stephen Olvey MD. Theirs is a constant collaboration in the area of motorsports safety with emphasis on injury prevention, management of acute injury and rehabilitation.

Dr. Trammell along with Dr Olvey are founding members of the International Council of Motorsports Sciences. He has provided medical input and advice for numerous safety innovations. These innovations have become standards in today's single seater race cars.

Doctors Trammell , Bock and Olvey are  founding fellows of the FIA Institute for Motorsport Safety headquartered in Paris, France.

As a result of his work Dr. Trammell has been honored by numerous racing and safety bodies, but is best know as the driver's friend and medical advocate. Through his years of providing on site first -response medical care he is intimately familiar with the mechanisms of injury to both drivers and crew. This has allowed him to provide care from time of injury through rehab and recovery for many drivers. This care includes return to driving simulation at the famous Rhonda's Rehab Ranch and being on site when the driver returns to driving the first time post injury.

Dr. Trammell is a partner in Orthopaedics Indianapolis Inc. , a large multi-specialty orthopaedic practice. He has been in continuous private practice there since 1980. He joined Orthopaedics Indianapolis after completing an orhopaedic surgery residency at Indiana University in 1979 and a Fellowship in Spinal Surgery at the University of Toronto Canada in 1980. His areas of expertise are disease disorder, deformity and trauma of the spine (www.indyspineMD.com) as well as trauma to the extremities.